2007 ChampCar Rules Changes.............

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2007 ChampCar Rules Changes.............

Post by mlittle » Mon Dec 11, 2006 3:42 pm

Recently, ChampCar series officials released the 2007 rules package for everyone to see, and there are some major(and I do mean, major) changes to the rules.............

Change #1} Timed events. One of the biggest complaints people(myself included!) have had in recent history is seeing ChampCar races end under timed-limits rather than the scheduled race distance. Starting with Las Vegas, all ChampCar races will have either a 1 hr, 40 min. OR a 1 hr, 45 min. time limit; when the 1-min. remaining mark is displayed, the starter will show 1 finger raised to the race leader; when the race leader crosses the start/finish line, the checkered flag will be displayed and the race will end.

Changes #2} Standing starts. Formula 1, meet Formula 1 Light. :evil: (Mod's joke there.....just kidding, F1... :shock: :shock: ). With no oval events on the 2007 calendar(...... :evil: :evil: ..........), the Champ Car World Series will use standing starts, as follows..........
~~Race control will give a "Drivers to your cars" and "Drivers in your cars" command prior to the 3 min. mark
~~At three minutes, all team personnel, media and non-essential series personnel must vacate the grid
~~At one minute, all drivers will fire up the engines
~~Then the pace car will roll out and the cars will follow
~~During the pace and formation laps drivers will keep in single-file order behind the pace car; falling back to undertake practice starts is forbidden
~~If any cars are unable to leave at engine start, the stewards will move the car to the end of the pitlane(similar to F1.... :shock: :shock: ) where they will leave at race start
~~At the end of the last parade lap, each driver will line up on the grid, pole position to the inside of the frontstraight and so forth
~~Once all cars are in position, a 15-second board is displayed(15 seconds 'til the first red light....)
~~After the 15-second board, the red lights(5 of them) will appear.....one the fifth light is out, Race Director Tony Cotman(ChampCar's version of Charlie Whiting in F1) will throw the switch; the lights will disappear and the race begins

See, like I said.....Formula 1, meet Formula 1 Light! :evil: :evil: :evil:

Change #3} In-Season Testing. In past years, teams were allowed a set number of days for testing; starting in 2007, teams will be given 600 miles per driver; rookie drivers will be given an additional 300 miles

Change #4} New flag rules. In keeping with the "let's copy the FIA!!" mantra(...... :evil: ...........), ChampCar has essetially adopted the FIA's flag procedures(just think of the flags used in F1 and you should get the picture.........)

Change #5} Longer practice and qualifying sessions..........Rather than the current 2 practice and 1 qualifying session(s) in place now each day, starting in 2007 the sessions will run as follows.....
~~Friday: 2 practice and 1 qualfying sessions
~~Saturday: 1 75-minute practice and 1 60-minute qualifying session

With these rules, all I can say is.....it's going to be a long, long year ahead. :shock: :shock: :shock:
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