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About our site

I started the "Formula 1 info" page back in 1996 to provide prompt Formula 1 information and results to fellow enthusiasts. Since then hits have steadily grown to the point that we have decided to move the site to its own domain to increase speed and response time as well as being able to provide more in every way because we will no longer be constrained by limited storage space.

NewsOnF1.com is dedicated to continue the tradition of providing the latest Formula 1 news and results, promptly, with a new, consistent site designed with you the user in mind. It has to be quick, easy to navigate and to the point. The navigation ribbon on the left of every page will always let you move around the site with ease and every page will always have a clear header to make sure that you know where you are. Any suggestions for improvement will always be gratefully accepted. NewsOnF1 is not sponsored and is privately funded.

We would appreciate it if you could keep us in mind when you are making purchases on the Internet as we get a small commission on purchases made via our site. To do this and to see what we currently offer please look in The F1 Shop always available on the left navigation ribbon. We thank you for your custom.

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