The 2009 8 'n' Pole Competition Launch

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The 2009 8 'n' Pole Competition Launch

Post by 8 n Pole Admin » Tue Mar 03, 2009 4:56 pm

The 2009 8 'n' Pole Competition is now ready to accept your picks.

Welcome to the ninth season of the exciting competition 8 'n' Pole where you predict the top 8 finishers in addition to the Pole setter for each of the 17 Formula 1 races in 2009.

Last year we had over 2750 participants and we anticipate reaching 3000 players in the competition this season. As always that needs your help so please spread the word!

You can register at anytime at

Those already in the competition do not need to register again.

The competition remains free and in 2009 we are offering exciting prizes with all top 20 finishers winning a prize in addition to each individual round winner. We also have the instant prize for scoring a perfect pick (a £100 British Pounds Gift Certificate).

The Grand Prize this year is a £150 British Pounds (Gift Certificate from BookF1 to be used towards a 2010 Grand Prix ticket).

We'd like to thank all of you for your support and would ask you to consider purchasing your Formula 1 needs through NewsOnF1.

The rules for 2009 haven't changed from last year. You can checkout the rules at the Rules and Scoring page here.

A 'Call for Picks' email will be sent to each player during the week preceding each Grand Prix weekend however you can submit your picks for a Grand Prix at anytime prior to the deadline announced on the submit page and on the 8 'n' Pole Forum.

If you want to see how your friends are doing in the Competition, just create a group and ask them to join.

Good Luck

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