Round of Austria 2015 - Picks and comments

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10 n Pole Admin
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Round of Austria 2015 - Picks and comments

Post by 10 n Pole Admin » Mon Jun 15, 2015 10:41 pm

10 'n' Pole players, post your picks for the 8th race of the season in Austria.

You can log-in to the new 10 'n' Pole site and submit your picks at then paste your picks here and tell us why you think your picks will be the correct ones.

For a live view of which drivers the 10 'n' Pole players are picking, visit the Popular Pick page.

You can also visit the Continuous F1 Coverage page for all the news and comments on Formula 1.

For the latest Formula 1 news, visit the Formula 1 News page.

The deadline for submitting the picks is the start of Saturday practice. That is at 11:00 Austria time (09:00 GMT).

Good luck

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Post by cmlean » Mon Jun 15, 2015 10:48 pm

Winner: Lewis Hamilton
Second: Nico Rosberg
Third: Valterri Bottas
Fourth: Felipe Massa
Fifth: Sebastian Vettel
Sixth: Kimi Raikkonen
Seventh: Romain Grosjean
Eighth: Sergio Perez
Ninth: Max Verstappen
Tenth: Daniel Ricciardo
Pole: Lewis Hamilton

Through my crystal ball, I foresee this result. I really feel that the Renault powered cars will struggle this weekend but the Williams cars will again prove the next best thing to the Mercedes juggernaut.

Jim Watt
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Post by Jim Watt » Fri Jun 19, 2015 1:09 pm

:D Hi CMLean! I'm assuming you're a Williams loyalist and are hoping for some sort of miracle for Frank & his daughter. Ah, if only they changed their livery to British Racing Green.Last year Massa and Bottas did, indeed lock out the front row in qualys with Nico Rosberg (Merc) in 3rd, Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) 4th, Ricciardo (Red Bull Renault) and Kevin Magnussen (McLaren-Mercedes) in 5th. The best Vettel could do was 13th. One can hardly expect this year to be so scrambled (I've completely forgotten the qualys; did it rain right after Felipe & Bottas made their hot laps?). This year the only thing that will be the same is that it still won't be a Red Bull race.

So I'm picking Lewis to take the race and the pole on Sunday with amiable team-mate Nico WhatsHisName taking second.

Third will go to Seb Vettel in his Ferrari and 4th to his not so amiable team-mate, the Iceman (that is, if he can make it to Q 3).

Fifth and Sixth should go to the Williams Team mates (they still have Mercs, you see) and probably the Russian will increase his lead over unlucky little Felipe.

Seventh and Eighth will go to Grosjean (assuming Lotus is still paying the mechanics and tyre-changers) and hot-shot Kvyat in the Red Bull (it is, after all, the Red Bull Ring).

I think Perez, in the F.I. Merc (with some parts borrowed from the 'new' car) will squeeze into Ninth and the final point, my heart tells me, should go to his team-mate, the the other Nico (that is the talented one) who is the current Le Mans champion.

Once proud & mighty McLaren will dutifully act like a racing team and try to finish without stressing their lawn-mower engines too much.

Finally, given the following remarks by moneyman Mateschitz, one wonders if this won't be the final Austrian G.P. for another ten years:

On the prospect of using a customer engine, Mateschitz said: "You get an engine which is good enough to score points but it will never be good enough to beat the works team.

"With a customer engine, you have no world championship chance, you will never become world champion.

"If we realise it, we have no chance of a world title because you have also lost an aerodynamic advantage.

"Then we lose all pleasure and we are bit-part players."

Hard to keep writing those checks when it's no fun to go racing anymore.

Oh well, it can't get worse, can it? Don't Answer THAT!

My Racing Gods: Fangio, Vukovich; Senna & Mears --all racers all the time; graceful winners & generous in defeat, but never giving up!!

F1 Tester
F1 Tester
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Post by Thaddeus » Fri Jun 19, 2015 5:14 pm

Winner: Lewis Hamilton
Second: Nico Rosberg
Third: Sebastian Vettel
Fourth: Kimi Raikkonen
Fifth: Valterri Bottas
Sixth: Romain Grosjean
Seventh: Felipe Massa
Eighth: Daniel Ricciardo
Ninth: Nico Hulkenberg
Tenth: Pastor Maldonado
Pole: Lewis Hamilton

I agree that Williams will slide back a little from last year, when they perhaps should've won it.

Ferrari have come on leaps and bounds.

Be interesting to see if Hulkenberg gets Raikkonen's seat. The German's been spoken of in glowing terms for a few years now, last week he won Le Mans, if he doesn't get a top seat soon he may walk.

10 n Pole Admin
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Post by 10 n Pole Admin » Wed Jun 24, 2015 10:35 pm

Congratulations to the 10 'n' Pole winners for the Round of Austria 2015

P Pts Player Country
1 63 Marty Australia
2 62 bigbacch Brazil
3 61 dumacher Australia
3 61 Migz Canada
3 61 JTodd United States
3 61 boicus Romania
3 61 Hillbilly United Kingdom
8 60 chappart59 United Kingdom
8 60 indie3128 Australia
8 60 Rui Jr. Brazil
8 60 Andy Pandy Australia

10 n Pole Admin
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Post by 10 n Pole Admin » Wed Jun 24, 2015 10:35 pm

10 'n' Pole Standings after the Round of Austria 2015

P Pts Player Country

1 491 PORSCHE55 United States
2 490 Binny Australia
3 486 JTodd United States
4 484 dumacher Australia
5 482 RENZOCO Peru
6 481 Reffro United Kingdom
7 479 Beno Australia
7 479 Orange Peel United Kingdom
9 478 Joe United States
9 478 Armin Australia

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