Round of Britain '14 - Picks and comments

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Round of Britain '14 - Picks and comments

Post by 10 n Pole Admin » Thu Jul 03, 2014 6:08 pm

10 'n' Pole players, post your picks for the ninth race of the season in Britain.

You can log-in to the new 10 'n' Pole site and submit your picks at then paste your picks here and tell us why you think your picks will be the correct ones.

For a live view of which drivers the 10 'n' Pole players are picking, visit the Popular Picks page

You can also visit the Continuous F1 Coverage page for all the news and comments on Formula 1

For the latest Formula 1 news, visit the Formula 1 News page.

The deadline for submitting the picks is the start of Saturday practice. That is at 10:00 British time (09:00 GMT).

Good luck

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Post by cmlean » Thu Jul 03, 2014 7:25 pm

I'll put it out there

Winner: Lewis Hamilton Britain...Englishman...yeh
Second: Nico Rosberg Has a comfortable lead in the WC
Third: Felipe Massa Needs to out perform Bottas
Fourth: Daniel Ricciardo Just keep accumulating points
Fifth: Valtteri Bottas Williams are getting there...finally
Sixth: Sebastian Vettel Hasn't quite worked out this car
Seventh: Fernando Alonso Best of the rest
Eighth: Sergio Perez The Mercedes power plant is good
Ninth: Daniil Kvyat Getting there
Tenth: Kimi Raikkonen Under achieving again
Pole: Lewis Hamilton

F1 Tester
F1 Tester
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Post by Thaddeus » Thu Jul 03, 2014 8:46 pm

Winner: Lewis Hamilton
Second: Nico Rosberg
Third: Daniel Ricciardo
Fourth: Sebastian Vettel
Fifth: Nico Hulkenberg
Sixth: Fernando Alonso
Seventh: Felipe Massa
Eighth: Valtteri Bottas
Ninth: Sergio Perez
Tenth: Kimi Raikkonen
Pole: Lewis Hamilton

Not sure Williams will live up to their Austrian performance. They've got the power, but not the chassis. On that basis I also expect Red Bull to do well.

Jim Watt
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Post by Jim Watt » Sat Jul 05, 2014 2:55 am

:D I agree with CMLean and Thaddeus that no one will be able to keep up with Lewis; He'll take the pole and fastest lap, too. So here are the rest of my picks:

1. Lewis Hamilton, Merc, (and this is the race where he closes up on his team mate, b/c I'm calling for a DNF for little Nico. 8))
2. Fernando Alonso (because he's simply the best driver on the grid and, evidently the chaps at Maranello have found some horsepower for him)
3. Ricciardo, RBR (this kid is the real thing much to Seb's dismay)
4. Vettel (he may get by the kid ahead, but he'll need to be VERY careful not to take the team out doing so! :oops: )
5. Raikkonen, Ferrari (but only if he manages a good qualification slot!)
6. Jenson Button (how embarrassing for Ron Dennis to be down in the lower points! :oops: :oops: 8))
7. Magnussun, (I like this chap's adaptability; he should get a car that's competitive :evil: ()
8. Bottas in his Williams should score points, but the last race was really an exceptional thing not to be repeated :( )
9. Massa (if his rebuilt car is able to get into the fifth or sixth row)
10. Perez (the Merc should pull him into the points)
Pole: Lewis will scorch his team-mate
My Racing Gods: Fangio, Vukovich; Senna & Mears --all racers all the time; graceful winners & generous in defeat, but never giving up!!

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