Round of Austria '14 - Picks and comments

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Round of Austria '14 - Picks and comments

Post by 10 n Pole Admin » Tue Jun 17, 2014 9:55 pm

10 'n' Pole players, post your picks for the eighth race of the season in Austria.

You can log-in to the new 10 'n' Pole site and submit your picks at then paste your picks here and tell us why you think your picks will be the correct ones.

For a live view of which drivers the 10 'n' Pole players are picking, visit the Popular Picks page

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The deadline for submitting the picks is the start of Saturday practice. That is at 11:00 Austria time (09:00 GMT).

Good luck

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F1 Tester
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Post by Thaddeus » Wed Jun 18, 2014 9:10 pm

Winner: Lewis Hamilton
Second: Nico Rosberg
Third: Sebastian Vettel
Fourth: Felipe Massa
Fifth: Nico Hulkenberg
Sixth: Daniel Ricciardo
Seventh: Fernando Alonso
Eighth: Sergio Perez
Ninth: Valtteri Bottas
Tenth: Kevin Magnussen
Pole: Lewis Hamilton

I think Mercedes will be fine in reliability terms.

I also think Williams and Force India will have a pretty good race. Circuit diagram suggests it'll be largely about straight line speed, which could be bad for Red Bull. Vettel was unlikely with strategy (compromised by Force India then pitted unhelpfully) and should probably have won in Canada, so I suspect he may bounce back in Austria.

Jim Watt
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Post by Jim Watt » Fri Jun 20, 2014 3:10 am


Dear Thaddeus:

I hope you're right about Seb bouncing back at his home race, but I think he's still struggling with his chassis. I'd love to see Mercedes spanked in Austria, but, like you, I don't see it happening. Canada was a rare instance of equipment failure; it won't happen again. So. Here are me picks and reasons

1. Lewis Hamilton (he's had a run of bad luck, but in this machine, he's king of the hill
2. Nico Rosberg (a good driver and a fast one... just not fast enough)
3. Daniel Ricciardo (he's shown us how good he is (should have podiumed in his maiden race and manages a WIN in his maiden season; I don't know who was last to do so, but the Aussies will have someone to cheer for years to come!)
4. Seb Vettel (he's a champion and has the best chance to surpass Michael's records; this just isn't his year)
5. Jensen Button (has done amazingly well with McLaren's clunker this year)
6. Fernando Alonso (if he were in a Merc, he'd lap the entire field before the finish! As it is he's in a Fiat badged Ferrari)
7. V. Bottas (hope he finds his way further up field next year!)
8. Hulkenburg (might even beat Fernando if the F.I. holds together)
9. F. Massa (I'd love to see him beat Fernando in the points this year, but Wms doesn't have the money to develop and he may not even make the points in the remainder of the year)
10. Raikkonen (I love the Iceman; he must be wondering why he left Lotus ... except on pay day.

Pole: Lewis, naturally
My Racing Gods: Fangio, Vukovich; Senna & Mears --all racers all the time; graceful winners & generous in defeat, but never giving up!!

F1 Tester
F1 Tester
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Post by Thaddeus » Sat Jun 21, 2014 5:39 pm

Jim, Vettel was unfortunate in Canada. On pace, he was better than Ricciardo. Not sure how easy/hard overtaking will be in Austria (looks fairly fast but the straights won't suit the Red Bull), but all else being equal I think he'll be faster than Ricciardo.

In race terms Vettel's not done badly this year. Misfortune at the last race and some reliability failures have made him look worse than he is, although he's to blame for taking a little while to get to grips with the new car.

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Post by jacfan » Sun Jun 22, 2014 11:48 am

Wonderful to see Rubens back on pole. I wonder if anyone picked him for pole...... somehow I doubt it.
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