The 2013 Korean Grand Prix

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The 2013 Korean Grand Prix

Post by Ed » Sun Oct 06, 2013 6:05 pm

This is the place to discuss everything related to the fourteenth round of the 2013 season taking place in Korea

To submit your 10 'n' Pole Picks for Korea login here, to register in the competition click here

The event timetable for the Korean Grand Prix.

1st Practice 10:00 local time - 01:00 GMT
2nd Practice 14:00 local time - 05:00 GMT

Practice 11:00 local time - 02:00 GMT
Qualifying 14:00 local time - 05:00 GMT

Race 15:00 local time - 06:00 GMT

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Post by sennano1fan » Sun Oct 06, 2013 6:12 pm

Driver of the day - Kimi for biding his time and pouncing at the right moment.
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Post by jacfan » Sun Oct 06, 2013 6:21 pm

For me this has been one of the funniest Grands Prix I have seen for a long time.

Tyres delaminating. A Red Bull bbq (unfortunately the wrong Red Bull IMHO)
A fire truck just deciding to join in the fun and a great race going on behind Vettle.

As for DOTD I have gone for Grosjean. He kept his nose clean and really deserved to be on the podium, he even nearly took his teammate for 2nd.

Chaos reigned supreme.
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Post by Thaddeus » Mon Oct 07, 2013 7:40 am

The jeep on the track was just weird.

I went for Hulkenberg. Very much punching above his weight to get fourth with the Sauber (aided by Mercedes utterly cocking up their strategy with Hamilton and misfortune for Rosberg).

I hope the regulation changes bring an end to Vettel's titles (for a time, at least). I don't dislike him, but I want someone else to win.

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